Halloween Goals! Family Recreates ‘This Is America’ Video Looks to Remind You To Vote
Photo Credit: Janine Rubenstein Instagram
It’s Halloween, and while many are having fun dressing up and showing out at costume parties, one family is using this spooky holiday to do it for the culture and send a very important message to the world. People editor Janine Rubenstein, her husband Doug, and their adorable son Reece, 3, decided to pay homage to Childish Gambino’s groundbreaking video This is America for Halloween by dressing up as the rapper and the school children from the video.
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With little Reece dressed as the cutest mini Gambino (ever!) the adorable family posed for photos then posted them on Instagram. But don’t get it twisted, there was a deeper meaning behind the Rubenstein clan’s costume of choice. As the parents of a young son, Doug and Janine said they wanted to use the opportunity to remind others to head to the polls on Tuesday, for the midterm elections, so that America’s future can be brighter and safer for not only their little man, but children everywhere. “THIS IS AMERICA. Me and the fam paying homage to living legend @childishgambino for one of the most relevant, eye-opening works of art this era. No, Reece hasn’t seen the full video, but he’s always game to do it for the culture, and mommy. Praying (and heading to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 6!) to try and make sure his future America is worlds safer and brighter than this one. #ThisIsAmerica #Halloween2018 #childishgambino #donaldglover #tellsomebody #reecelife #familycostume #VOTE #VOTE #VOTE #NOV6” Now this is how you use your influence for the culture and do it for the ‘gram. Make sure you exercise your right to vote on November 6th.  


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