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Our Shero! This Woman Launched A Campaign To Provide Sneakers For Health Care Workers On The Front Lines of COVID-19

Recognition of our nurses and health care workers is especially meaningful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve heard it a million times over these past two months: We’re currently living through unprecedented times in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the ones who are faced with the hardest challenge? Nurses.

Not only are frontline health care workers and nurses exposed to the coronavirus, but they’re also at a greater risk of developing unfavorable mental health outcomes, according to new research.

That’s why one woman is trying to make a small but meaningful contribution to the well-being of nurses and frontline workers fighting COVID-19 by providing them with brand-new Nike sneakers. 

Ajon Crump, the creator of #NIKESForNurses, was inspired to promote the campaign to pay homage to her cousin Danielle, a nurse in Florida, who expressed a need for new sneakers. Right now, our hope depends not only on the resilience of nurses but also on their ability to deal with everything being thrown at them while working 18-to-24-hour shifts night after night — all while on their feet! At bare minimum, the comfort of their shoes is critical.

Crump made a personal commitment to donate Nike sneakers to five nurses, and once she reached her goal, started the campaign to continue her outreach and shoe distribution. 

Although life as we know it may have changed, the day-to-day functions of nurses has not. That’s why recognition is especially meaningful during the COVID-19 pandemic. The best things we can do to support nurses right now is to follow CDC guidelines (to minimize the virus’s spread) and show gratitude — whether it’s applauding them through your windows during a shift change or gifting them with shoes to make them more comfortable at work.

Donate to #NIKEForNurses here.