‘Hi Baby!’ The Video Of A News Reporter Being Interrupted By His Mom Wins The Week
Myles Harris/Instagram

With all that’s going on in the world, we could all use some feel-good moments to collectively smile about. One that certainly ended up being the best thing on the Internet this week is a video of a news reporter out of Ohio being interrupted by a special guest while preparing to record for a news story — his mom.

“Hi baby!” the mom said gleefully as she rolled up on her son, reporter Myles Harris. He threw his hands up in the air as if to say, “really mom!?”

“I’m trying to work right now and you’re over here calling my phone,” he said as his cameraman, DeAngelo Byrd, who conveniently kept recording, laughed in the background. “Don’t be holding up traffic because you have cars behind you.” She blew him a kiss and then pulled off.

The moment, of a proud mother stopping to say hello, went viral this week after Harris shared the video with the caption, “Typical Sandi 🤦🏽‍♂️ Yes, typical Sandi…” The clip has more than 900,000 views on Instagram.

“Per my mom, this was a coincidence,” he told Good Morning America on Thursday. “She was going out to run an errand and saw our marked car — and next thing you know the video tells the rest.” Ms. Sandi even interrupted her son again during his GMA interview.

“He’s my biggest accomplishment. I am very, very proud,” she said.

Harris, who works for Columbus, Ohio’s ABC affiliate (WSYX ABC 6) went on to share a couple of photos of himself and his mom on Thursday. Both have quite a few new fans on social media now.

He wrote, “Wouldn’t be able to do it without my best friend ❤️#hibaby”