Plant moms and dads rejoice—Target just announced its latest designer collaboration and it’s just in time to blow your mind for spring.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, today Target unveiled their Hilton Carter for Target limited edition designer collection. The popular plant enthusiast, author and interior stylist was approached to collaborate on a line of chic, approachable and inspirational products for everyone from plant lovers to first-time plant parents. The line will feature more than 65 products co-created by Carter and ranging in price from $5-$130.

When the pandemic hit, more and more Americans began finding news ways to enjoy their time at home, including bring the outside in. In a statement announcing the partnership, Target shared that the timing of this collaboration couldn’t be better suited for its customers new pandemic shopping habits. “As people have spent more time at home over the past year, our guests are increasingly looking for ways to add more comfort and personality to their surroundings. Searches for plants on have increased by more than 300% over the last year – a clear indicator that guests want to bring some of the outdoors inside to brighten up their space,” said Jill Sando, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Target. “We wanted to identify a partner who could bring something special to Target and deliver a collection that allows guests to easily and affordably refresh any room in their home. This partnership with Hilton Carter does just that, while celebrating the arrival of spring with a renewed sense of optimism.”

Known and beloved across the internet and beyond for his advocacy and love for all things green, Carter tells ESSENCE that Target not only allowed him to speak for the needs and desire of the die-hard plant enthusiasts, but also to put a more thoughtful and personal touch on each product details—right down to the material the pots were made of.

“I felt every single suggestion that I put out there was being heard,” Hilton says. “So, for me, it was exciting to go back and forth, whether it was with the color of different items or the texture of the material. I kept thinking about how when it comes to planters, we need to focus on the actual material that it’s made out of and how people can think about the actual plants they’re putting into those pots, because some pots pull moisture and some retain it. I knew we can’t just have a bunch of plastic containers or ceramic glazed pots. [The collection] needed to have something that everyone can bring into their space and still make their plants look real stylish.”

Carter has over 200 plants inside his home and he’s authored three books on loving, caring for, and decorating with plants: Wild at Home (2019), Wild Interiors (2020) and Wild Creations (2021). Both aesthetics and function matter to Carter when it comes to decorating with greenery, so he brought that energy into this collaboration too. “I wanted to have a collection that was great for everyone but also had that really cool, modern touch, yet at the same time could fit into anyone’s home color wise, texture wise and material wise,” Carters tells ESSENCE on his decision to create multi-purpose products like a large brass watering can with a leather handle and long thin spout.

Most items in the collection are under $30. There will be a collection of live plants, including a Bird of Paradise, Birkin Philodendron, Monstera and Money Tree for the more advanced and a ZZ plant and Snake Plant for those looking for more low-maintenance options. Carter also selected an assortment of faux plants for those who want the look without having to pick up a watering can. The collaboration also includes trendy takes on popular plant accessory staples, like a brass and marble plant stand, gold and black terrarium planters and a plant stem stand.

For Carter, being seen and recognized for his years of hard work and dedication in the space has been a real honor. “What is really going to melt me down is that I get to walk my mother into any store and have her see my face on posters and labels and all of this stuff,” Carter tells ESSENCE. “For her, I hope that all the hard work that she knows she put in is now manifested right there and that she can see herself.”

Shop the #HiltonCarterxTarget collection on May 14 on and in select Target stores. We know you’re saving the date, by until then, enjoy this sneak peek at some of our favorite items from the collection.