3 Easy Ways To Make Your Morning Coffee More Amazing
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For many busy hard-working Americans, a morning cup of joe is required to start the day. (It can even be a hereditary addiction.) Kind of bored with your usual, redundant, plain ol’ cup of coffee? We get it. Us too. Here’s how you can kick the contents of your morning mug up a notch. We promise, you’ll be satisfied.

Add Salt

Salt isn’t just reserved for margaritas. You can add a little to your coffee too. It may seem like an unusual pairing, but it can actually transform your cup! Putting just a touch of salt in your morning brew helps offset any bitterness that may happen to the beans. Just a dash of salt can eliminate the aftertaste. 

Use chocolate milk

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Hello chocolate! Instead of using regular degular schmegular milk, flavored creamers or sticking to just sugar, throw some in your coffee for an amazing concoction of heaven in a cup. Trust us, it’ll change your whole life. 

Try dessert coffee ice cubes

Your iced coffee just thanked us, and you should too. Make your own milk-and-coffee ice cubes! Pour fresh coffee into an ice tray, then add crushed cookie bits to each cube. Pop them in the freezer overnight then drop a few in your mug before you start your day. By the time your cubes have melted, you’ve got a little snack at the bottom of your cup, and just like that, you’ve given your morning ritual a whole new flavor of yum. 

What do you do to spruce up your coffee?