12-Year-Old Moziah Bridges Is the CEO of a $150,000 Business
Michael Ansell/ABC via Getty Images

Moziah Bridges was just nine years old when his grandmother taught him how to sew scraps of material to make bow ties. Soon, he was making his own and found himself with Facebook orders from family and friends craving his unique neckwear. 

Today, the 12-year-old is the CEO of “Mo’s Bows,” his own bow tie business that’s employing five people and bringing in over $150,000 in sales, reports Inc.com.

“I like to wear bowties because they make me feel good,” Bridges wrote on his website, mosbowsmemphis.com, “Designing colorful bowties is part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place.”

Growing up in Memphis, TN, Bridges says he always like to dress well and wear bow ties but there never seemed to be a wide enough selection for kids. So he decided to make and sell his own. All “Mo’s Bows” are sewn from scratch using a variety of material including gingham and silk. And there are no clip-ons, because Bridges believes “real men tie their own ties.”

“Mo’s Bows” are now available through his Etsy online store and in boutiques in South Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee. The business has gotten a lot of attention after being featured in Vogue and on ABC’s Shark Tank, an appearance that resulted in mentorship from Daymon John, creator of FUBU, who Bridges says is his role model.

In addition to spreading style wherever he can, Bridges also shares his wealth through philanthropy. In July, he donated $1,600 to the Glenview Summer Camp in Memphis.

“Giving back to my community really helped me feel humble,” he wrote on his blog, “It also makes me smile because I see other kids smiling and enjoying camp.”

The future looks bright for this young entrepreneur. According to Inc.com, he plans to attend college and hopes to start a full clothing line by the time he’s 20.