5 Ways To Master Homecoming Season
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Remember last homecoming when you ran out of money, forgot to write that paper, and didn’t invite the right people? You just did everything wrong. Well, let’s do it the right way this year. And, if this is your first homecoming season, let’s get it right on the first try.

Make a schedule. Of course no one likes “planning” a good time, but let’s face it, when you’re in college, you’re so overbooked that you have to pencil everything in. If you haven’t cracked open that agenda all semester, here’s the perfect chance. Just make sure that you read every syllabus and jot down ALL your assignments WAY ahead of the game (literally). Now you have more time to actually start planning for homecoming.

BUDGET YOUR MONEY! Yes, all caps for this one. We know, we know: everyone is on that infamous college budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like it. Start saving your money now! Remember that agenda we mentioned earlier? Note your expenses in there, too. Now you’ll know how much money to allot for necessities and how much you’ll have left over for homecoming activities. As always, if that fails, cry to mom and dad.

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Battle of the bands schools. By now, you should already know who you want to spend your homecoming weekend with, right? It’s not enough to know WHO you’re going to have a good time with, you need to know WHERE you’re going to have a good time. Some homecomings are said to be better than others, but make sure that you and your friends choose the right one and that you choose it ahead of time. (HINT: put that in your agenda, too)

Actually PARTICIPATE in the festivities. Every school has its own cheesy event or two during homecoming week. And as cliche as it sounds, the cheesy events are what make the experience. Each day of homecoming week is a chance to make memories with your friends. There’s no telling where life will take you or them, so cherish the moments you have together. After all, you need photographic evidence that your homecoming was better than anyone else’s. (So next year, it’s no secret you’ll win the battle of the schools.)

Have fun responsibly. We can’t stress this enough: have fun, but do it safely. Make sure that everyone in your group is accounted for and taken care of. No one likes to be a baby sitter, but if your friend has had way too many drinks, everyone is responsible. Think about it; if something happens and one of your friends goes missing, your name is going to be listed on the back of that milk jug under your friend’s picture “Last Seen With *insert your name here*” That’s a little extreme, but you get the point. Now go and make some memories!