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Get Your Abundance With Motivational Speaker Lisa Nichols’ Five Steps

We are in the final quarter of 2017 and it’s safe to say by now that the FedEx truck with our “Life Abundance” on it isn’t just going to arrive at our front door, ask us to sign on the dotted line then deliver to us in a nice neatly packaged box financial freedom, time freedom, soul stirring love, a body that would stop traffic and the health of a gladiator. That truck nor any likened vehicle for an abundant life will show up because you and I have to go get our own Abundance.

I’ve spent years misunderstanding what Abundance really was. In my twenties, I thought that Abundance was being on the who’s who list, driving my red sports car and having name brand things to showcase.  In my thirties Abundance began to look like the homes, careers and lifestyles that my friends and colleagues had. I felt like no matter how much I achieved that there was always a window to look through were I could see the true Abundance that I was forever pursuing. Now that I have, as my grandmother would say, “lived long enough” my understanding of Abundance has changed quite a bit and settled in a place that brings me more peace of mind than ever before.  

Let’s go get what’s our birthright, Abundance on every level. Financial, physical, relationship, spirituality and emotional. Abundant thinkers produce abundant outcomes, so let’s operate with our intentions set in the right direction.

Here is a great checklist to see if your thinking like an abundance thinker or a scarcity thinker 

  1. Abundant thinkers set long term goals (3, 5 & 10 years) while scarcity thinkers plan out month by month.
  2. Abundant thinkers make a plan then modify it as needed while scarcity thinkers just keep making up the plan as they go.
  3. Abundant thinkers don’t collect evidence on why a dream won’t work. if they only have one reason to make it work, they run with that.  Scarcity thinkers listens more to the nay-sayers then they do their own heart and desires.
  4. Abundant thinkers are willing to fail, they just always are committed to failing-forward.  While scarcity thinkers never quite fly because their too consumed with avoiding failure.
  5. Abundant thinkers forgive sooner, quicker, faster as to not allow the negative energy of anger and resentment to occupy primary restate in their minds and hearts, while scarcity thinkers feed the anger by replaying the story to anyone who will listen and hold on to the injustice verses the valuable lesson to be learned. 

The great news is that Abundant thinking is a learned behavior and I can sure say that I’m grateful for that! Once I began to adopt this new thinking over 18 years ago, the momentum of success, joy and prosperity that followed simply blew my mind and still does today. There are many more traits of an abundant thinker and you should want to know each one.  Be willing to focus on two behaviors of an abundant thinker every six months to begin to adopt and live out these mindsets.

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