Every summer I try to find what treat I’m going to obsess over. A few years ago it was into Häagen-Dazs’ caramel cone, and years before that it was ice cream snicker bars. I haven’t had a good treat in a while until I recently tried KIND frozen pints. 

Just in time for summer celebrations and yummy family reunions, KIND launched ice cream and it’s just as tasty as the bars we’ve all grown to love. Inspired by the success of KIND frozen treat bars and KIND frozen smoothie bowls, KIND Frozen Pints are the latest innovation from the nutrition-focused company to hit the freezer aisle and I’m so glad they’re here. 

The pints are vegan, dairy-free, have 4-6g protein, and blended with ingredients like nuts, fruits, and dark chocolate, which is everything when you’re trying to eat healthily and stay cool on a warm day. More to the point, I’ve noticed that ‘better-for-you’ foods too often come with artificial sweeteners or foods that are too healthy they taste horrible (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m saying), and real ingredient foods come with indulgence and bring on the extra pounds. I’m only a week in, but these plant-based pints seem to define a new space so you can feel good about enjoying the ice cream you love and truly deserve. And, there are only  19 grams of sugar in the caramel almond sea salt flavor that’s to die for. 

Other flavors include dark chocolate almond sea salt, dark chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate cherry cashew, coffee hazelnut, strawberry, and pistachio and they are just as tasty. 

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All of them taste delish, but my favorite is caramel almond sea salt. It’s seriously like eating a cold almond bar with hints of caramel swirls. I’m in heaven with every bite. 

So far summer 2021 is shaping up to be a good time and I’ll be eating my way through one bite at a time. 

KIND Frozen Pints are available nationally in major retailers, including Walmart.