Keyshia Cole Shares What Losing Friendship With Eve Taught Her
Ben Rose/WireImage for BET Network

R&B singer Keyshia Cole was the subject of the latest episode of TV One’s Uncensored, a documentary series focused on the behind-the-scenes experiences of celebrities. During the episode, which aired May 6, the superstar singer touches on her former friendship with rapper, actress, and TV personality Eve. She gives an unfiltered spiel on the actions that caused her to lose that relationship.

Cole starts by explaining her upbringing in Oakland, Calif. and how what she’d seen and been exposed to played a part in how she handled conflict. 

“When I came straight from Oakland, it was still in me. The disrespect, things that would happen, how we handle it from the ‘hood. It was like, we just fight,” she said. “It took a long time to learn to not put my hands on people; you know what I’m saying?”

The four-time Grammy nominee went on to share that putting her hands on someone who disrespected Eve is what led to their friendship breakup

The singer says, “There was a thing that happened with Eve. We’re walking out, and somebody grabbed her bag or something like that and I kind of turned around and slapped the girl. It was like, ‘Girl, what is you doing? Back up.’”

She continues, “Eve is really pissed off about that; like we stopped hanging out. She was like, ‘I can’t hang with Keyshia. She can’t be slapping people.’”

Some might see Cole’s actions as an act of love and loyalty, but Eve didn’t see it that way. At the time, Cole couldn’t understand why. 

“I was like, ‘I slapped somebody for you, what the f–k is this?’ But then it taught me a lot later too because being who I am today, she can get sued too. Me being a part of her crew, I just should’ve left it to security. Somebody gets paid for that.”

We’re glad Cole is able to self-reflect and grow from that moment, even though it meant losing a friend. For those old enough to remember, the two worked on a track together called “Never,” which was on Cole’s debut album, 2005’s The Way It Is. Nonetheless, Cooper and Cole have come a long way since then and are flourishing in their lives, which we love to see!