Each year, Pantone selects a Color of the Year inspired by trends in home, travel, culture, and fashion. Pantone unveiled The Color Of The Year recently, and it’s Classic Blue (or as we like to call it: Nipsey Blue). 

Pantone describes Classic Blue as a timeless hue that, “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation from which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” A color in home-decor that holds the potential to “inject creative confidence into interiors,” and can be “easily applied across so many different materials, textures and finishes.” 

But how exactly can you apply Pantone’s Color of the Year into your home scheme for 2020? Whether you want to spruce up your current place, or just bought a new home we’ve enlisted a few experts to help you begin planning your Pantone themed makeover, because like Jenon Bailie (Merchandising and Design Director for Room & Board) says, “Classic Blue says it all – it IS a classic. This hue has been and will remain a key color in our overall assortment.”

Here’s how to find out how to best use the latest Pantone Color of the Year in the home. 

Use blue accents to add a pop of color.

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 influences everything — from fabric and upholstery to footwear and furniture. That makes it easy to incorporate splashes of blue into your space without feeling over-saturated. Simply choose a handful of blue (or shades of blue) accessories, and space them strategically throughout your home as it pairs with many other colors. 

“We love Classic Blue mixed in a saturated monochromatic way mixing textures and tones, but also playing it off of olive greens, gold or cognac,” says Bailie. “When paired together, Classic Blue has helped keep grey fresh for many years and works so perfectly with walnut or white oak.” 

Need help thinking of ways to use blue accents? Some suggestions include accent rugs, end tables, decorative vases, paintings, flowers, or pillows. If working with a bathroom, you could experiment with incorporating soaps, hand towels, or shower curtains in this invigorating hue.  

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Incorporate into household products.

Sometimes you don’t need to redo your entire apartment or home with a new color (especially after you’ve spent years of creating the perfect vibe) — sometimes it’s as little as adding a few household items into your day-to-day life such as the NutriBullet PRO (in Classic Blue/Cobalt), Le Creuset’s Marseille color collection or the Edge of Belgravia Primal Ceramic Set.

Experiment with color and lighting.  

Who said that 2020 color trends for your home had to be confined to decor and new splashes of paint? Lighting is just as important when it comes to creating an atmosphere. For example, blue lamp shades can lend a soothing color tone to your bathroom or bedroom, perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Blue lights, such as Christmas lights or porch lights, can also look especially elegant when combined with white or gold, which is ideal for parties and entertaining this season. 

Give new life to old products.

Many consumers these days not only want to make eco-friendly design choices, but they want to feel at peace and at home with what they spend their money on. That’s why more often than not, it’s preferred to recycle old items and make them like-new, then to shell out more cash again on the same thing to “keep up with the joneses.” That’s why blue is so perfect.  “Blue is a color often associated with calmness,” says Sarah Fishburne, Director of Trend and Design, The Home Depot. Pantone’s Classic Blue color is represented as regal and timeless, while also providing just the right amount of ‘edge’ and familiarity throughout the home.”

Repurposing old decorations or pieces of furniture can be a chic and cost-efficient way to spruce up your space with new looks for less. A fresh blue coat of paint could transform that unwanted old chair or dresser into your favorite new centerpiece. 

“For me, blues are ‘whole house’ colors,” says Fishburne. “I believe in having a signature color and weaving it throughout the whole house as your anchor. Pantone’s Classic Blue color can be incorporated throughout a home with the use of rugs, furniture, bedding, vases and more.”