Create The Stylish Bar Cart Of Your Dreams With These Tips
Photo Credit: Michelle Sprott/Brunchnista

A well-styled bar cart is a chic and timeless addition to any space. It can turn an otherwise drab corner of your living room into the hottest bar in town. Even if you’re more into mocktails than cocktails, a bar cart is a cute way to show off your sense of style with little details that speak to your personality.

According to Michelle Sprott aka “the Brunchnista” and self-proclaimed hostess with the mostest, owning a bar cart is a sign that you take entertaining seriously and should be the social focal point of your home.

“If you consider yourself a true “hostess with the mostest,” then the most fashionable accessory in your home is your bar cart. When a guest arrives, you should offer them a drink. Leading them to a well-styled bar cart and a refreshing drink is a perfect way to break the ice. The bar cart is where the party starts,” says Sprott.

From choosing the perfect cart to bartending tools and elevating the decor, here are our tips on how you can create the perfect stylish bar cart at home.

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Choose A Cart That Matches Your Style

Round, square, gold or silver, choosing a bar cart for your home is serious business. Your cart should not only blend in with the current decor in your space but reflect a bit of your personal style as well. Sites like Wayfair and West Elm offer great options at affordable prices.

Make Sure You Have Your Tools

This is also another chance to add some of your personality to your cart. When it comes to bar tools, think about what you’d need to make your go-to drinks. A simple shaker set that has the basics will serve you well.

Also, it seems like a no-brainer but – don’t forget your glasses! Adding four to six glasses should be enough.

Curate Your Collection

What’s a bar cart without alcohol? Start adding your favorite brands to the cart, and if you’re not sure where to begin, choose the brands with the prettiest bottles.

Add Books

If you’re looking to add color and height to your bar cart, stack a few cocktail books and use them to elevate a pretty bottle or plant.

Bring In Some Life

Adding flowers (or bowls of fruit) to your bar cart will do wonders in making it feel like it’s a part of your room’s decor. It also adds a splash of color which is always a good idea.

Add Some You

Sure having a bar cart in your home is about being able to serve up drinks, but it’s also about showcasing a bit of who you are as a hostess, so don’t forget to add personal touches. For Sprott, the chic pair of gold heels she added to her cart was the perfect touch and showed off her a bit of her personality. “I have shoes on my bar cart, and it always sparks an interesting conversation,” she says.

Happy bartending!


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