If you’ve been scrolling on Instagram this summer, you’ve probably seen numerous home DIY projects in the form of artificial balcony grass, egg chairs and home gardening. Because, if we’re going to spend more time at home, at least make it a vibe, right? 

From socially distanced home barbecues to outdoor games and poolside parties with the family (safely, of course), the summer is definitely not cancelled — despite what Miss Corona may have to say. With a few handy tips, you can create a backyard oasis where you’ll love spending your days (and nights), without having to embark upon crowds of people “outside.” 

And according to the Big Lots’ trends team, there’s much to be considered when designing a patio oasis. To design a patio oasis this summer, the top two trends they’ve seen are focused on (1) Tuscan lifestyles and (2) charming backyard gardens. When picking out furniture, look for light blonde wood tones and accessorize with natural materials like terracotta and earthy stoneware. Add pops of color with throw pillows, prints, rugs and outdoor dishware with oranges, yellows and blues. Use galvanized metal vases to further incorporate leafy greens and really make your space an oasis.

Here’s how to set the stage for the ultimate backyard (or balcony) space this summer.

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