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Q: I’m looking for ways to beautify my vagina. I feel more comfortable getting intimate with my partner when I know my vagina is healthy on the inside and looks good on the outside. What can I do to get myself together down there?

A: The skin on the vagina is very sensitive. Just like any other area, healthy skin begins with good hygiene and good water intake. There are definitely ways to help the vagina stay gorgeous. Here are my tips:

  1. Pick the proper hair removal technique. Go with whichever technique is less irritating. If you shave: buy the inexpensive disposable razors, shave everything you want shaved and toss the razor. Never reuse a razor. Once the blades drags the skins, it will collect bacteria. If you cap that razor, let the bacteria grow and reuse, you can increase your risk for an abscess or infected hair follicles. If you wax: go earlier in the day so that the wax is not too hot. Salons are supposed to let the wax cool for an hour or so throughout the day, but rarely do. You don’t want the skin to rip or burn if the wax is too hot. 
  2. Look for ingrown hairs and remove them. This should be done by your wax technician or aesthetician. If you shave, then you’ll have to do it yourself. The feeling isn’t pleasant, but it goes a long way to improve the appearance of the vagina.
  3. Vajaycials. These are spa treatments for the skin of the vagina. I think these can be beneficial if performed by a skilled aesthetician. After the ingrown hairs have been pulled and any pustules have been extracted, a vajacial in the form of a mask, or scrub or skin conditioner could be amazing.

I recommend ending all of the above treatments with a warm compress (clean wash clothes rinsed in hot water!)

Dr. Tosha Rogers


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