Science Says: Talking About Your Weight Won’t Help You Lose It
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No one ever wants to say the number they see on the scale out loud. We get it. But, did you know there may be a very important reason no one ever should?

A recent study from the American Academy of Pediatrics uncovered that conversations with family and friends about how much you or others around you weigh only sabotages your own body image and disrupts the relationship you have with food. 

That’s right—talking about watching your weight isn’t helping you lose it or making you feel good about doing so. 

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Researchers detail that the lingering effects of changes to adolescent bodies as a result of puberty impacts our relationship with weight.

Growing up with parents who might have been fixated on their own pounds—in a good or a bad way—prompts young minds to take note and perhaps adopt some of the unhealthy habits and strategies. 

“Weight talk” discussions only deter the goals you set to lose some pounds or the feeling you have about your current size.

Time to table the talk about what the scale says and reassure yourself that weight loss should never be a numbers game.