During these stressful times, people are prioritizing their health and well-being more than ever in order to protect themselves and their immune systems. One thing that each of us can do everyday is simple though: staying hydrated. Drinking water and staying hydrated, not only allows your body to receive electrolytes and helps your bodily functions to run at optimal levels,  but also helps your body naturally eliminate toxins and other bacteria that may cause illness — especially during cold and flu season.

Though many of us know that we need to drink water for survival, many don’t realize that it’s also necessary for optimal nutrition, given that it’s the one nutrient we can’t survive without. 

And even knowing about it’s survival, most still aren’t doing what they need to do. “An estimated 70% of the population is dehydrated at a subclinical level,” says Dr. Ralph E. Holsworth, D.O., Director of Clinical and Scientific Research, Essentia Water

He continues, “Proper hydration plays a vital role in overall wellness by optimizing immune function, maintaining proper mucus production, liver and kidney function and also provides dietary satiety. It’s essential to hydrate with electrolytes such as sea salt or an alkaline water, such as Essentia, to support the mineralocorticoids of the adrenal glands to control both physiological and psychological stress.”

But we’ve learned over the years that not all bottled water is created equal (for those who want to skip the tap). In addition to performance focused Essentia, there are a few other brands that not only keep you hydrated, but healthy as well: Ultima Replenisher is an electrolyte powder that is made with all 6 balanced macro-electrolytes plus support minerals, and is the perfect companion in your COVID-19 hydration kit, while OXIGEN contains O4 – two O2 molecules fused together using a proprietary 120-step manufacturing process to create one oxygen super molecule that remains stable in water. That O4 super molecule is bioavailable, which means it enters your bloodstream upon consumption, helping your muscles recover faster, giving your brain clarity. 

“Hydration is vital at all times — including when we’re in the heat outdoors,” says Holsworth.” We do not have the ability to store water, so maintenance of proper hydration requires small and frequent aliquots of water. Humans do have the histamine system to transport cellular water to various parts of the cells, tissues, and organs. Not all waters are absorbed the same.”

This is especially important with the summer months on the horizon. While we may have spent the past few months indoors, states are beginning to open, and many will take every opportunity to head back outside — this is when you need to be prepared the most. “We should be hydrating throughout the day,” says Holsworth. Our bodies are constantly balancing with our physical surroundings, metabolism and physiological requirements, so maintaining rehydration is key. 

You may have heard that there’s no science behind the age-old advice to drink eight cups of water a day, but how much should you be drinking? “Start by drinking ounces per body weight,” encourages Holsworth. “So a 170 lb person would initially drink 170 ounces minimum, and then increase the amount by 10 percent to ensure urination every three hours.”


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