The non-stop hustle is something most entrepreneurs know all too well. In unexpected times of turbulence, it can be difficult to determine what is truly the best course of action that won’t leave your business worse off than it was beforehand.

Do you continue pressing forward even in the midst of situation where stress is heightened like never before? Do you take a breather and risk losing productivity, money or a rare chance to grow your consumer base?

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The HoneyPot founder Beatrice Dixon and Sweeten CEO Jean Brownhill recently joined Microsoft’s Senior Marketing Director Tina Eskridge to weigh in with their thoughts on the topic during the ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Virtual Summit. Both seasoned entrepreneurs who have launched successful businesses in different industries, each woman offered varying perspectives about whether their fellow entrepreneurs should be focusing on grinding even harder or taking a moment to breathe and reassess during times of economic hardship similar to the one we’re facing now.

“The off-season is when the great players are made,” Brownhill said. “And so, no, I do not think people should slow down. I do not think people should sit back.”

“I want to agree with Jean but, I also wanted to say that it’s of extreme importance that you take time for yourself,” Dixon added. “You’re all you got and if you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t deliver for anything else, period.”

Hear more of what both ladies had to say in the video above and then head over to for more of everything you missed at the ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Virtual Summit featuring the New Voices + Target Accelerators Pitch Competition.


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