SPONSORED: Check Out Fitness Expert Lita Lewis’ 3 Signature Moves To Amp Up Your Downtime
Courtesy of Colgate

Between working, running errands and spending time with family and friends, it can feel impossible to find enough hours in the day to relax—and forget about working out! 

What if you could get a little body boost as you enjoy unwinding each day? Fitness Expert Lita Lewis is here to show you how you can begin a health and wellness journey simply and easily.

She’s got tips and techniques to help you shape up while watching TV—yes, you can tone up while tuning into your favorite show. So go ahead, relax on the couch, then use those commercial breaks to challenge yourself and your body. 

And here’s another easy way to get your healthy on—just brush twice daily with Colgate Total. It helps fight the germs that cause plaque and gingivitis for 12 hours and helps prevent cavities. That’s some pretty heavy lifting for one small tube! 

Click here to get more tips, plus check out Lita’s three signature moves to amp up your downtime in the video above.