Lisa Nichols' 8 Tips to Living Your Dreams Out Loud

At the 2014 Disney Dreamers Academy in Orlando this past weekend, the first thing that Breakthrough Specialist Lisa Nichols said to the audience of Dreamers’ parents and chaperones was this: “You don't get to live your dreams through your children, your spouse, your friends or your family. You don't get to put your dream on hold because you got hurt, you just don't. You're not too old, too tired or too broken to live a better life because you've tapped into your purpose.” It was a powerful message of empowerment and encouragement as tears flowed and dreams came into view. Here are few more of Nichols’ tips to help you reach your destiny.

Tanisha A. Sykes  Mar, 17, 2014

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“Oftentimes, people think your purpose has to come with a marching band and fire works. Your purpose is what you do naturally, with ease. It’s the one thing that allows you to leave your imprint on the world. Calculate how many hours there are in a week. If you spend 40 hours at work, that’s your revenue generator, but what are you doing with the rest of your time?”

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“To understand your personal worth, you have to understand the gifts you have, the passion you bring, the brilliance that emanates within you and not shrink in the presence of others.”

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“Thinking that beauty is only skin-deep is untrue. When you have a beautiful soul, it emanates from your soul, showing up in your eyes, your skin and your smile.”

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“Naysayers, dream busters and vision snatchers give people permission to rob us of our dreams. People have the right to tell you anything, but you also have the right to believe anything.”

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“What’s required is an unwavering faith and a nonnegotiable attitude. When you give yourself permission to fall or stumble, you’re giving yourself a chance to run, leap and soar.”

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“You must develop a mind-set to understand that you have outgrown some habits, some behaviors, and some people. Until you recognize that, your possibilities will stay as small as your behavior.”

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 “Shift your mind-set around the ending of a relationship. Change your thoughts from ‘We have broken up to ‘The relationship is complete.’ Think of it as a graduation. No right, no wrong, allowing everyone to leave with his or her dignity in tact.”

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"It takes the willingness to wear kneepads, so that every time you get knocked down, you are willing to get back up. The bigger the win, the more you have to be willing to take the disappointments. Always remember: You've got to plan to win or you will plan to fail."