Let’s Talk Dating: How To Successfully Manage Your Relationship and Studies in College
Matt Dutile 2014 / Cultura Exclusive

College forces you to become a “Jack of all Trades.”

Most students are juggling 15 credit hours a semester, they are involved in campus organizations, and working diligently to maintain a social life that pops!  Now, with all of that in mind, do you believe that it is realistic to maintain good grades and be in a committed relationship?

When I first arrived at UNC my freshman year, I just knew I was going to be on the dean’s list faithfully every semester. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t going to be the life of the party at every party! And, I was going to be very involved on campus. But, that dream quickly faded as I began to focus more on hanging out, and wasting my time on all the wrong guys. I quickly found myself drowning in a sea of bad grades and just trying to piece my 18-year-old life together.  

I know I am not the only one who felt the pressure from my parents, relatives, and friends to go off to college and find the man of my dreams. Too bad, most of the guys I met were nightmares.

In college, it’s the norm to see couples walking around campus. And, it’s only natural to want that for yourself. But, before you hop on the love bandwagon, you might want to consider the type of commitment that comes along with dating and how it will affect your standing in school. 

To help make your decision easier, I want to offer you some girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice on how to stay on top of your game in school and in your relationship.

1. Being on the Same Page:

It is so important that you find someone who compliments your hustle. If you’re motivated to get your assignments done, and your partner is lazy, there will be a conflict because he/she will tend to demand more of your time and be less understanding of you trying to be on your grind. But, if you find someone who has the same hustle as you, then they will understand because they have to get their work done also.

2. Organizing Your Week:  

You should strive to get all of your work done during the week, and if possible get ahead, so that when it is time for the weekend you can relax and enjoy your partner. And, there is nothing wrong with a study date! It allows you to get your work done and hang out with your boo too. Just make sure there’s more studying than dating going on. 

3. Staying Focused:

Always keep in mind that your education is the most important; so don’t let anyone or any situation distract you from your end goal.

Malia Brown (@iammaliatyler) is an ESSENCE College Ambassador, writer and on-air personality. She attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and majors in Political Science and Journalism. She reports on beauty, pop culture, and lifestyle news.