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Let Instagram Inspire You to Change Your Lifestyle

Fitness motivation is just a click away.

If you’re looking for weight loss shortcuts and magic pills to help you shed pounds, maybe Instagram is exactly what you need.

We all know that losing weight is a constant struggle for so many people. Women are constantly trying to find a solution by taking special pills, meal replacement shakes, or by following fad diets. With summer rolling around in less than 100 days, it’s easy to become vulnerable to quick fix scams. However, like everyone always says, eating clean and working out is and will always be the most effective and healthiest way to lose weight. Inspiration is now  at our fingertips with the use of social media. There are plenty of women sharing their fitness journeys on Instagram, from the foods they eat to the workouts they endure.

Sharing fitness journeys on social media is becoming the norm and it motivates more and more people to get fit. It almost seems like it’s becoming a trend with all of the fitness pages, but it’s good to see a positive use of Instagram. I have my own fitness Instagram (@curves.n.cardio), but I also follow a lot of women that are in college and a bit older. Seeing woman in college lose weight and maintain the loss is a huge inspiration because weight from partying, drinking and late night eating piles on and it can seem impossible to lose.

Another reason Instagram fitness is so encouraging is because the followers you gain are truly your number one cheerleaders. It’s interesting to see complete strangers applaud you for your change of lifestyle, while people you actually know stay silent.

Then I found this quote: “Strangers support you more than people you know because they have a tough time accepting you come from the same place but they are still in the same place.” –Unknown.

It is a reassuring feeling to go on Instagram and have people you don’t know rooting for you. With health and fitness being paramount in our lives, Instagram is a great way for millennials to get in touch with real people on real journeys to changing their lifestyles.

Two of my favorite health/ fitness Instagram followers include @LakeithaDuncan and @EstelleArcher. Lakeitha has lost over 100 lbs naturally and she inspires over 70,000 women daily. She also sells e-books that simplify her journey, including workouts and meals. Estelle has also lost a ton of weight and she inspires women by teaching fitness classes in her studio, theSWEATbox, in Richmond, Virginia. Estelle’s live stream classes and apparel can be found on http://www.dawn-archer.com.

You stay on Instagram all day looking at your friends and their lives, right? Next time, check out a few fitness pages and get inspired. After all, summer will be here before we know it and summer will be just as busy as the semester with internships and other priorities.

What are you waiting for? Get movin’!


Asia Milia Ware is a ESSENCE College Ambassador at Hampton University. She majors in Strategic Communications with a minor in English. She aspires to be a fashion editor-at-large and an entrepreneur. In her spare time she works out, writes, travels and styles outfits. You can follow her on Instagram @MissAsiaMilia. #EssenceSquad