Bathing suit season will soon be here and having a body ready for the beach is on everyone’s list. A way to tackle fat maybe found in detox teas which is often seen up and down Instagram feeds. Questions about the effectiveness and overall health come to mind regarding the tea detox but Andrea Riggs, fitness guru and celebrity trainer, gave us the lowdown on tea detoxes!

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Are tea detoxes healthy?

Detoxes are one of the best things that you can do for your body because it helps your digestive system and gets rid of all of these substances in your body that you absolutely do not want. “Yes, they’re extremely healthy because they help you increase your water intake and add properties and nutrients to your diet that will benefit your overall health,” says Riggs. Green tea, white tea and fennel tea will do great things for your body. “Green tea helps protect against cell damage, White tea helps with anti-aging, and Fennel tea gives relief from bloating and digestion,” says Riggs. Whether you purchase one of the popular tea detoxes on the market or go for a DIY, there are plenty of benefits.

Do tea detoxes really work?

Results show that they work! Tea detoxes are known to boost your energy, immune system and your metabolism. “The process of total body detoxing can only occur when you cleanse your organs and change your diet,” says Riggs. Toss your cup tall cup of coffee in the morning and go for a healthier option that will have you ready to grind all day. Yes, detox teas give amazing energy that will have you feeling good physically and mentally.

“A detox tea will work as a jumpstart and aid the process, but an actual detox won’t occur unless you cut out harmful toxins and take the stress away from your organs by eliminating alcohol, coffee, meat and processed,” says Riggs. There’s nothing better than replacing heavy foods with healthier options that will have you feeling great and looking even better. Get creative with your meal planning and don’t forget fruits and vegetables! Riggs cosigns on this and recommends drinking plenty of water to flush out your system.

Do I have to work out to get results?

With any great detox, your results can be maximized if you add in a consistent workout routine. To get the amazing results you want, it’s important to change your eating habits, fitness and over all lifestyle. “The key to slimming results in less time is to follow my proven 3-part Get Body Beautiful formula that simply combines three small changes—lifestyle, nutrition and fitness—each day to amplify the effect of your effort and limited time,” says Riggs. This doesn’t have to be excessive! You can shoot for exercising a few days a week in combination with the tea and expect results in less than 3 weeks. Riggs ensured that your results would have your lifestyle changed for good and ready for a transformation!

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