Christina Milian Dishes On Working Out, Eating Healthy and Body Confidence
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic
If there is one thing we can learn from scrolling through Christina Milian’s Instagram feed, it’s that she has a banging body. From bikinis to belly-baring midriffs to body-hugging dresses, this 35-year-old is s-n-a-t-c-h-e-d, SNATCHED!  Not that we should expect anything less, but considering she has a lot on her plate—mom to six-year-old Violet, pubbing her recently released album 4U, and TV shows galore (reality series Christina Milian Turned Up and sitcom Grandfathered)—we just wonder how the star, who was recently tapped fort he remake of the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show finds the time to get it in at the gym. “At 5’ 2”, it’s not that easy to always stay trim. You do have to make an effort,” she confesses. Here Milian’s talks strategies for staying in shape. Christina Milian’s Daughter Does Makeup Like a Pro Are you pretty consistent with your exercise routine? Honestly, it’s been very sparse lately. Sometimes I get completely focused and I’ll go in and work out— sometimes even twice a day— at least three times a week because I’m so excited and really into it. There’s other times when my schedule gets really crazy and I have to figure out when to fit it in. And then sometimes I’m just lazy— and it’s okay to be lazy. That’s balance for me. What are your typical workouts like? I love outdoor workouts. In LA I’ll hike up the Canyons at a steady pace; something that gets my heart rate going. I also like to do a combination of cardio and strength training. I’ve never really been crazy about bootcamps and CrossFit; those are too rough for me. What kind of music puts you in the mood to sweat? I mean Beyoncé slays everything.  She makes like every girl’s anthem. So right now it would be “Formation.” Also, DJ Snake. Calvin Harris has great feel-good songs. He makes me feel like “Okay I’m getting ready for the beach.” Drake’s stuff is kind of mid-tempo, so I don’t workout to it too often, but he has a couple songs that I listen to that keep me distracted. Future— that’s when it gets ratchet. He really gets me in the zone. That’s when I’m like “I killed it!.” Do you put any of your own songs on your playlists? Yeah, I put on “Like Me,” which is the most recent one. I’ll also listen to my So Amazin’ album. What about your eating habits? When you are truly eating healthfully, what kinds of things can we find on your plate? Salmon and a big salad. I really love avocados too, with some olive oil and salt and lemon. Delicious! And  asparagus—even out of the can. And I try not to overeat. If I hear my body tell me I’m full, I follow my gut, literally, and say “Hey I’m full” and “There will be another meal.” I think sometimes we eat with our eyes and our minds, thinking this is the last meal I’m ever going to have. Hairstyle File: Christina Milian And your guilty food pleasure…  Chips. I like salt and vinegar or pickle flavored chips, like dill. Oh, so good. You’re solidly in your 30s. What are some of the changes you’ve noticed in you body from your 20s to now?   It’s harder to lose weight as quickly, and there are now problem areas—like the stomach. I’m happy I did a lot of sit ups in my 20s so at least I have that muscle memory. Now it’s just that little layer [of fat over it]. And then my family, we have that back fat right where the bra is. I’ve always had it, but it really pops up when I’m a little thicker. It’s not an easy area to get rid of at all. What makes you feel body confident? Working out. For me, if I’m not in the right shape, I’m tired. I don’t have the energy to do the things I like to do, which gets a little bit depressing. Working out is great therapy too. When I workout I pray. In that moment, I am thankful because of my health and how my blood is flowing because all of that stuff is going to keep me around longer.    

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