The Importance of Following Your Passion—All of Them
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Some days all I can think about are my entrepreneurial dreams of combining my loves of fitness and fashion. Other days I scroll Instagram and get inspired by celebrity image consultants and stylists and want to go that route. Once in a blue moon I see an amazing event and wonder if I want to be an event planner. But most days I write my life away and break magazines apart as a diehard aspiring fashion editor.

My point is, I am passionate about many things and that’s alright because it’s okay to be multi-passionate.

I once read a quote on Twitter that said, “The sooner you stop denying the fact that you’re multi-passionate, the happier you’ll be because you gain clarity and you desire to move your business forward.”

But, how many times do we hear, “love what you do, and do what you love?” If you force your mind to condense itself and focus on one thing nine times out of ten you will be unhappy because your mind will somehow wander to, “what if?”

I am a firm believer that there is a meeting point for everything, and I do not believe in just one grind. Where’s the beauty in being multi-passionate? That’s where your innovation comes in. You have to search for what is missing and combine your passions to develop what you see lacking.

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Being multi-passionate allows you to better see what is nonexistent and create that existence, but it can be difficult to execute if you don’t strategize correctly.

First, you must analyze your passions separately before trying to execute anything whether that be a blog, business or a brand. Next, you cannot let the ugliness of having so many passions overpower the beauty of it. Do not let fear hold you back from executing a business plan.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to choose one passion. But, if you choose to combine your passions, come correct and be confident. That is when the beauty comes—flourish and trust that you have the ability to curate what the universe is missing. You have to believe that no one else has the same set of passions as you, and that is where the beauty is.

Inspiration is all around you, don’t ever let someone tell you it’s not okay to be multi-passionate, because it is okay, it’s up to you to find your beauty because it’s there.

Asia Milia Ware (@missasiamilia) is a junior, Strategic Communications major at Hampton University. She is a journalist that is a fashion and fitness guru.