It’s hard to believe we are in a new year, which means another birthday (ugh)…. but it also means another opportunity to be better at – everything! So here are 8 resolutions every mom should make for a better life!

1. Speak positively to your child
You know the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me.” Well, we all know that isn’t true because words can harm you and the effects of negative words can be long lasting. So speak life into your children by speaking positively to them and about them all the time. Everyday say something positive to your child whether it’s how smart they are, how well behaved they are, how beautiful they are or how caring they are and of course the most important thing our kids need to hear from us daily – how much we love them.

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff
Seriously, life is messy and so are kids. So stress out less about the mistakes they make like spilled juice, a broken toy or when they get into something they shouldn’t. It may seem counter intuitive to some, but being a more patient parent is one of the best things we can do for our kids. When we resist the urge to yell at them they feel more loved, more supported and more secure and research shows that a child’s emotional well-being is a bigger predictor of future success than even grades in school. So be more patient.  

3. Spend more time with the kids
Commit to regular family fun time with your kids beyond your normal household routine. On a weekly basis take the kiddies to the children’s museum, a bookstore and read books off the shelf, or other extra curricular activity they will enjoy. That extra time they spend with you talking to you, learning from you and having fun will boost their self-esteem and their IQ and make for a much happier family life!

4. Ignore the critics
Listen, there will always be someone out there with something negative to say about your parenting skills even if you are the world’s greatest mom. So ignore them and trust yourself about what’s right for you and for your family. Mama really does know best.

5. Make your health a top priority  
This year (and every year going forward) make your health a top priority. Make time to exercise and to go to the doctor (and not just when you are sick). Make time for proper health screenings, the dentist, and preventive medical care.

6. Spend more time with friends
I know the feeling but don’t flake on your next dinner date with friends because you’re tired or you don’t feel like it. Spending time with your friends is not just about having fun (although that’s a pretty good reason for hanging out with friends). It’s also good for your health and one of the best ways to relieve stress. So spend more time with your friends because you want to have fun and because you want to live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

7. Look great everyday (or try to anyway)
I know better than anybody that life with kids can get so busy that you’re lucky just to be wearing clean clothes, but make time for your personal appearance. Don’t neglect your hair, try some new make-up and only buy clothes that make you look fabulous (a secret I learned a long time ago). You’ll look better, feel better, and turn a few more heads too (and who among cannot use some of that).

8. Keep the spark alive
We’ve all been there. The kids come along and your relationship slowly fizzles out but keep the spark alive by re-committing to date night and other couple time. If you are lucky and have a trusted and responsible auntie, grandma or baby sitter in your life, schedule in time for your relationship. Schedule in time away from the kids to have fun, to relieve stress or just to get to know your partner again. Maintaining a happy and healthy romantic life will make a happier person, a happier woman and a happier mom.

Notoya Green is an on-air parenting expert and mother of three-year-old triplets. A former law attorney, Notoya put her law career on hold to become a stay-at-home mom to care full-time for her children. She now shares her experiences at Triplets in Tribeca.

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