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10 Genius Allergy-Relief Products You Can Buy on Amazon

Ease your sneezes and sniffles fast with these smart buys.   

This feature orginially appeared on health.com. 

Unrelenting runny noses. Body-rocking sneezes. The itchiest eyeballs, ever. Allergy season comes with annoying side effects that affect a ton of us. According to the CDC, some 19.1 million American adults are diagnosed with nasal allergies, also known as hay fever, annually. That calls for a lot of Kleenex. To buffer the pollen burden, we’re rounding up the best allergy-control products you can buy on Amazon right now. Because saying, “Bless you” sixteen times a day gets old really fast.

Everlasting Comfort 100% Waterproof Pillow Protector
This pillow protector keeps allergy-causing bacteria away thanks to its hypoallergenic and waterproof casing. The breathable material blocks mold, dust, and pollen from settling inside your pillow and ensures moisture stays out too. Rest your head here for less-congested Zs.