13 Awesome Gifts For The Gemini In Your Life


Gemini season is finally here! For the gentle, affectionate, curious, witty, and fun loving twin sign, these 13 gifts will instantly win them over.

Lauren Porter May, 19, 2017

1 of 13 West Elm

Let the Gemini queen in your life know how much she means to you with this catchall cup for even the smallest of her trinkets.

available at West Elm $29 Buy Now!

2 of 13 Madewell

Your Gemini friend will always appreciate a good clutch and a great vacation!

available at Madewell $69.50 Buy Now!

3 of 13 J. Crew

A Gemini is always on the go so keep her stylishly hydrated with this gift.

available at J. Crew $35 Buy Now!

4 of 13 Saks Fifth Avenue

The social butterfly Gemini will never leave home without a full charge but as the day goes by she'll definitely need some extra juice to keep her plugged into the social scene!

available at Saks Fifth Avenue $35 Buy Now!

5 of 13 Leif Shop

Gemini's never leave home without a notebook in their bag and this bright design and important message of, "start something wonderful," will always catch her eye and keep her inspired!

available at Leif Shop $12 Buy Now!

6 of 13 Sephora

Gemini's love a good manicure but to hold them over until it's time to hit the salon, this crystal nail file will always do the trick!

available at Sephora $10.00 Buy Now!

7 of 13 Tees In The Trap

Gemini's love to throw shade and sip tea, this mug is perfect!

available at Tee In The Trap $19.00 Buy Now!

8 of 13 Domino

The Gemini's mind is all over the place. Keep her days straight with this dry erase wall calendar that will keep her schedule organized and her head at ease.

available at Domino $130 Buy Now!

9 of 13 Etsy

This fun graphic will decorate the Gemini's space perfectly!

available at Etsy $1.00 Buy Now!

10 of 13 Anthropologie

Candles are always a lit gift to keep the Gemini spirit at ease.

available at Anthropologie $28 Buy Now!

11 of 13 Dagne Oliver

Update your favorite Gemini's purse game with this one--she'll thank you forever!

available at Dagne Oliver $325 Buy Now!

12 of 13 Target

A Gemini never throws away anything and this magazine holder will help her keep all her favorite reads neatly organized for safe keeping.

available at Target $12.00 Buy Now!

13 of 13 Nordstrom

A Gemini can never have too many cosmetics bags!

available at Nordstrom $49 Buy Now!