Let’s Toast: White Claw Hard Seltzer Surge
White Claw

Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it going, in spirit, with the right beverage.

To help with that, the folks at White Claw, known for their popular hard seltzer, released a variety pack with a range of flavors perfect for all moods. The 8% ABV Surge Variety Pack is part of the brand’s recent “Surge” line, which offers the drinks with a higher alcohol content, taking things up from the original 5%.

The variety pack, White Claw’s first for Surge, comes with four refreshing and fun flavors, including blackberry and natural lime, which are new, alongside the old favorites in blood orange and cranberry. The pack ($15-$18) comes in a 12 oz but the Surge flavors are also available in 16 oz single serve cans.

Hard seltzers have grown tremendously in popularity. If you’re new to the club, the spiked sparkling seltzer water is lower in calories, it’s lower in sugar and especially in carbs, which can be pretty high in many drinks. And if you’re someone who needs to stay far away from gluten, White Claw’s offerings are free of that.

White Claw

As for for the Surge line, I had the chance to try them, finding myself especially partial to the new blackberry flavor for weekend fun, and the cranberry for winding down post-work. While they’re higher when it comes to alcohol by volume compared to the original formula, the taste is still light and delicious. It’s the perfect option to grab whether you’re sitting around hanging with friends (preferably outdoors), or just kicking back and catching up on your shows (likely indoors).

While the variety pack is new, White Claw Surge is available nationwide at local retailers and grocers.