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3 Dope Kenyan Food Bloggers With Dishes You Need To Try This Weekend

These creative food bloggers are creating devastatingly delicious meals that you need to add to your culinary repertoire.
3 Dope Kenyan Food Bloggers With Dishes You Need To Try This Weekend
Photo Credit: Kaluhi’s Kitchen
Variety is the spice of life and fewer places on Earth have the variety and spice of Africa. We already love exploring her beautiful waters and landscapes, and the people are definitely badass – but what about Africa’s food?  From Morocco to South Africa, the food on the continent is to die for, and Kenya is one country with a vibrant and rising culinary scene. Kenyan cuisine is the fabric of the country’s culture, and foodies there are bringing the best dishes to you live and direct from their kitchens.  If you were wondering what culinary magic you were going to whip up this weekend, look no further, because these three dope food bloggers are taking you Kenya with their yummy dishes – no passport required. Kaluhi’s Kitchen

Photo Credit: Kaluhi's Kitchen

Have you ever been in search of something new to cook, and find a recipe that looks tasty, only to discover that it’s too complex and you can’t find half of the ingredients? Kaluhi Adagala has, that’s why the self-taught cook created her blog Kaluhi’s Kitchen. Using locally grown ingredients and simple recipes, Kaluhi’s dishes are unique, tantalizing and easy to replicate in your own home. In the mood for something with a little heat? Step into Kaluhi’s kitchen and try her recipe for Pilipili and Rosemary Marinated Mbuzi Choma Na Kachumbari. Tip: If you can’t grill outdoors, grab an inexpensive stovetop grill pan or simply finish your dish in the oven.
Miss Mandi

Photo Credit: Mandi Sarro

Mandi Sarro, better known as Miss Mandi, knows a thing or two about food. This food vlogger and self-proclaimed plantain enthusiast puts it down in the kitchen with her Youtube channel Miss Mandi’s Throwdown. There you can find videos of Sarro sharing everything from recipes for traditional Kenyan dishes to tips on how to get the most out of your leftovers. Check out her recipe video on traditional Kenyan chicken stew and see if your throwdown is a match for hers.
Sheena’s Kitchen

Photo Credit: Sheena Amario

Fun, vibrant, relatable and a boss in the kitchen. Those are all the qualities that draw wannabe foodies and at-home chefs to Chef Sheena Amario’s blog, Sheena’s Kitchen. Not only can you find recipes from her native Kenya, but for her favorite international cuisines as well. Chef Amario also takes her followers along as she explores healthy living through food and shows that healthy doesn’t have to equal tasteless.  If you’re looking for a great snack to treat yourself with this weekend, try Chef Amario’s recipe for Kenyan Lemon Mandazis.