These Black-Owned Spirits Brands Made Our Pandemic Wedding A Hit
Devon Watson Photography

When Rihanna took to Twitter to punctuate Blackout Tuesday with a very bad gal message (“We ain’t buying shit, we ain’t selling shit! Gang gang! #BLACKOUT AF!”), I was moved. I was reminded about a pledge that I made to have at least 80 percent of my ongoing purchases come from Black-owned businesses by the end of 2020.

The pandemic had caused me to lose sight of it, but with my upcoming wedding, Rihanna’s fervor had breathed new life into my vow.

So when it came to finding spirits brands to celebrate alongside our nuptials, my husband and I were devoted to finding Black-owned brands that hadn’t been touted by rappers, but that would make a mark on our day, and that we would want to continue to support.

And these three emerging spirits brands did exactly that.

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