4 Mocktail Recipes Perfect For Dry January
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January is a month filled with a renewal in hopes and dreams for the New Year. It’s also a time when many people make a pledge to give up alcohol for 31 days in a social movement known as ‘Dry January.’ The challenge can feel a bit depressing for people that love to turn up at a good weekly brunch or happy hour with a mimosa or two, but it doesn’t have to be.

Instead of seeing ‘Dry January’ as a struggle, now is the time to get creative and add to your at-home bartender skills by trying your hand at making mocktails instead. Gone are the days when non-alcoholic drinks were seen as boring and tasteless, these days mocktails are tasty and unique mixes that even those who don’t participate in ‘Dry January’ can enjoy.

From fruity twists on classics to recipes that will still make you feel like you just popped bottles, we’ve rounded up a few delicious mocktail recipes that will make getting through ‘Dry January’ a breeze. Cheers!

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