7 Items You Can’t Survive FAMU Homecoming Without
Photo Credit: @FAMU1887

It’s the most lit time of the year – Homecoming season! Homecoming season at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) is more than an event, it’s the manifestation of our ancestors’ wildest dreams. It’s a privilege and a rite of passage, a vibrant homage to generations of undeniable Black excellence.

Our parents may have raised little boys and girls, but our HBCUs made us men and women. We return each year to walk the hallowed grounds of those that fought for us, to fellowship with those that shared our journey and to support and lend a hand to those whose pilgrimage has just begun.

Kicking things off this year is the illustrious Florida A&M University (FAMU), and you know those Rattler love to ‘Be Out.’ That’s why we rounded up a few must-have items that everyone from freshman to well-seasoned alums can use to make the most out of their trip back to The Hill where it all began.

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