Over the past decade and a half, thousands of women on the internet have been going crazy about a chicken recipe that’s said to make your man get down on one knee after you prepare it for him. Appropriately dubbed “Engagement Chicken,” the recipe — within the last six years — has grown in popularity and has been featured on nationwide shows such as Good Morning America and the Today Show in the past. Although the recipe for the dish isn’t as unique as you might expect, the momentum and relation to it easing men into matrimony hasn’t let up yet. And, from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like it will anytime soon. Before you make plans to run to the kitchen in preparation for jumping over the broom, here are six things you should know about the “Engagement Chicken” recipe. 1. It was developed from Glamour‘s fashion editor over 30 years ago. After taking a trip to Italy in the ’80s, Glamour fashion editor Kim Bonnell developed the recipe. The recipe, which hadn’t received its name at the time, was given from Bonnell to her co-worker, Kathy Suder, to be prepared for her boyfriend. Soon after its making, the couple was engaged. Afterwards, the recipe began making its rounds through the office and three other women became engaged shortly after making the meal for their boyfriends. The recipe, which ran in a 2003 issue, was dubbed “Engagement Chicken” after editor-in-chief Cindi Leive heard of the proposals that came soon after making the dish. 2. The recipe had a cookbook created around it. Though the recipe was originally published in the December 2003 issue of Glamour, it wasn’t until the release of the magazine’s cookbook in 2011 that the notion of the recipe being true began to cross the public’s mind. The book, 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know: Engagement Chicken and 99 Other Fabulous Dishes to Get You Everything You Want in Life ($15, Hachette Books)includes recipes for home cooks on every level. 3. It’s helped over 70 couples become engaged over time. In 2013, former Glamour editor Lindsey Unterberger revealed to Today that three months after making the infamous poultry recipe for her boyfriend of seven years, she became engaged. Since the reveal of the phenomenon to the public, Unterberger cited 70 couples and counting as engagement success stories stemming from making the dish. 4. A lot of people think it’s total bullshit. While some women swear by this, a lot of others think it’s all total B.S.. 5. There are many versions found online. Although many of the “Engagement Chicken” recipes include the same ingredients, a few have been tweaked to differ from Glamour‘s original version. From Food Network to Epicurious, the number of recipes available to try are literally endless. 6. There’s not really anything special about the dish. If you’re itching to try out the recipe for the chicken to nab that bling on your ring finger, then by all means. One thing that you will be good to know beforehand, however, is that it’s just lemon herb chicken. According to Cindi Leive though, the chicken is so special because it says to your lover, “I took some time. I made something that says I’m taking care of you.” The editor has also been noted saying in the past that the juices in the bottom on the pan are what causes men to be steered into the direction of matrimony pandemonium. Ready to see what the recipe consists of? Here’s the original recipe TOPICS: