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[MUSIC] Drink Coca-Cola my whole life, it's my favorite thing to pair with food. And New Orleans, one of my favorite food cities in the world. Every time I come to this city, I eat well and I learn a lot about food, a lot about the A culture. And I'm here to share all these things with you. Welcome to New Orleans. I'm Roble' and I'm gonna take you on a food tour with Coca Cola and essence. Hey what's up everybody, it's your boy Roble' and we are back in New Orleans for the third stop on our food tour with Coca Cola. Right behind me is a really great restaurant, I've been here once. It's called Jacques-Imo's. They've been serving up Classic New Orleans cuisine since 1996. Let's go inside and check it out. [MUSIC] This is Kia and Nicole. Hello, how are you doing? Hey, let's go in the kitchen and see what's cooking. [MUSIC] What we are going to do today is a crawfish etoufee and a shrimp creole. So we gotta start it off by Sautee on the crawfish seasoned in it. We're gonna roll some garlic into it. Do you mind if I taste it real quick? This is the [INAUDIBLE] We started all with like shrimp shells and blue crabs crushed in. We just [INAUDIBLE] and tighten it up with a rope. [MUSIC] Beautiful. So this is, this is legit KASIAN cooking. This is legit KASIAN cooking. Okay. I smell the shrimp, the garlics coming through very nicely. The tomatoes smell very nice and sweet and ripe. [NOISE] That's your shrimp curio. Can I have a job? That's the job. Beautiful. That's gonna go very well with this Coke. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] the Coke. [INAUDIBLE] Guy, y'all can't forget the corn bread. Yes, so necessary. This- Thank you- This looks amazing. That fried chicken That��s the truth right there. The truth and the proof.>> The secret is the way we season it. It goes really well with the coke, to. It��s like delicious, delicious, delicious, and then delicious and then you just go right back in for more. You can check out Jackamoe��s in Carolton on Oak Street. I highly recommend [UNKNOWN], it has a special place in my heart It has a legit New Orleans cuisine since 1996. And I'll definitely be back. Hey it's your boy [UNKNOWN], I just wanna say thank you for rolling with me all around New Orleans on my food tour with Coca-Cola. And next time you're in town, make sure you check our our three spots Johnny Sanchez, Diva Dog, and right behind me Jack most. [MUSIC]

SPONSOR: Chef Roble & Coca-Cola Visit Jacques IMO In New Orleans

Chef Roble takes you through one of New Orleans' hidden gems, Jacques IMO, for a taste of authentic Creole food —like their famous fried chicken and shrimp creole that you can enjoy at the ESSENCE Festival.