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[MUSIC] Been drinking Coca-Cola my whole life. It's my favorite thing to pair with food. And New Orleans is one of my favorite food cities in the world. Every time I come to this city I eat well and learn a lot about food, a lot about the culture, and I'm here to share all these things with you. Welcome to New Orleans. I'm Roble, and I'm going to take you on a food tour with Coca-Cola. [MUSIC] Hey, everybody, it's your boy Roble', and welcome to stop number two on our food tour in New Orleans with Coca-Cola. You're in for a real treat. This food truck behind me, I ate there a couple times last year during Essense Festival, and I was blown away. You know, I love a good hot dog. They do very interesting takes on hot dogs. It's called Diva Dogs. Let's check it out. Hey [INAUDIBLE] Hey, hey. How are you today? Very well. Long time, no see. Give me the good stuff. Okay, here you go. Always lovin' Almost a year. Yea. You ready for me to feed you again? Mm-hm, I'm ready to work. I need help, cuz I'm all cute. today. This is an all beef sausage here, it��s called the diva dog. Has the creole flavors to it, so it��s not the typical hotdog you would get. Now, get a look at that right there. Now is that not a gorgeous hot dog? It��s not a hot dog, it��s a diva dog. Exactly. What I do here is I just top it with ribbings, and I make my ribbings vegetarian. Fried chicken. And then, I top it with my Viva Dog ketchup aeoli. Are you ready to taste it? I'm, extremely, highly I think I saw a little drool. Thank you for having me, again. Thank you! Yes! I've prepared a nice feast for you. So that's fried oysters with a sweet and spicy sauce that I make, and all I do is just drizzle it on top. That's a big oyster! He is huge! You're having a quiet moment? That's always a good thing. You have a lot of big flavors in that right there. Fried oyster and had that sweet chili sauce. After a bite of that, you take a drink of Coke and it cleanses your palate. I mean, it goes good without Cokes too. The crab grilled cheese has to be a home run. It is. So we're gonna cheers. There we go. It's good right? Banging. It has a little kick of spice to it. Mm-hm. That Creole flavor. Yes, yes. Butter me down. It's crispy. That's unforgivable. It is. It is. We can cheers to that as well. Cheers. Diva Dolls was just as good as the first time I had it. Actually even better because this time, I got to try that delicious fried oyster hotdog. So now you have another great place to check out next time you're in New Orleans. I wanna say a big thanks to Chef Diva. And stay tuned for the third stop on our food tour of New Orleans with Coca Cola. [MUSIC]
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