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Been drinking Coca Cola my whole life, it's my favorite thing to pair with food. And New Orleans, one of my favorite food cities in the world. Every time I come to this city, I eat well and I learn a lot about food. A lot about the The culture, and I'm here to share all these things with you. Welcome to New Orleans. I'm Roble and I'm gonna take you on a food tour with Coca Cola and Essence. First stop is Johnny Sanchez, restaurant right behind me. Let's get inside and meet the chef, and eat some good food. You've gotta check out Johnny Sanchez Over there, they combine the best of traditional Louisiana cuisine and the best of traditional Mexican cuisine, and the sum of all parts is greater than either one on its own, it's amazing. [MUSIC] How's it going? Good to meet you, chef. There you go. Quad Fish enchiladas. Exactly. Like little baby lobsters. Yeah you don't find these everywhere. And this will be our enchilada farse. You can literally just eat this as it is. I already love it. We've got these homemade fresh corn tortillas. I'm liking that steaming trick right there. Yeah we're just steaming them with just a little oil and a little water. Mm-hm. Just to get them nice and pliable again. Nice and steamy. Do you want to jump in here with me? Yeah, there we go. Sauce right on top then we're going to set that right in there. This is the moment I've been looking forward to right here. Crawfish enchiladas And our crispy softshell crab torta You need something to stand up to those big flavors, so Coke is the perfect pairing. So tell me more about the restaurant. Johnny is John Besh. Sanchez is Aaron Sanchez. Louisiana needed some good Mexican food. So we brought Aaron's authenticity, and you know, this is sort of our fun little spin. Well cheers, thanks for coming down. I gotta tell you I thoroughly enjoyed that,I wanna thank the rest of my [INAUDIBLE] I wanna thank Chef Miles and I wanna thank you for tuning in, keep watching for our next up on my food tour with Coca-Cola. [MUSIC]