Chef Roblé Hosts Epic Celebrity Cook Off at ESSENCE Festival
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Celebrity chef, reality star and event enthusiast Chef Roblé has never had an issue creating something both memorable and delicious when it comes to his skills in the kitchen. While you can only catch Roblé making magic in the kitchen during re-runs of his reality television show, Chef Roblé & Co., the talented chef decided to showcase his training skills in person for fans on the ESSENCE Eats stage during ESSENCE Festival 2016.
Calling on the stars of the upcoming David E. Talbert-directed family comedy Almost Christmas, Chef Roblé – along with Keri Hilson, Kimberly Elise, JB Smoove, and Jessie T. Usher – gave the crowd laughs and lessons with their tutorial on how to create the perfect sweet potato pie.
Splitting the cast up into two different teams, Chef Roblé moderated the teams while the audience cheered for their favorite side to deliver the best version of the sweet-filled goodness that finds a heightened sense of popularity during the holidays. “You know what?” Hilson started. “What I never made is a pie of any kind. I’ll bake a mean macaroni, a mean broccoli casserole, a mean baked chicken; I’ll bake food, but I’ve never baked dessert,” she admitted to Chef Roblé when he asked why her participation in prep was minimal.
While JB Smoove was busy pumping the crowd up for his team’s masterpiece of a recipe, Jessie Usher and his team were focused and ready to dominate. With Usher’s past culinary experience put on display, it was clear that he was in it to win it. In an attempt to distract everyone from the final results the formerly mentioned threw a few eggs in the crowd, challenging onlookers to catch them before they crack.
Though no one team’s mixture of what was only presumed to be a sweet potato pie made a positive impression on the crowd, fans still got a taste of something ever so special with a never-before scene of Almost Christmas.
What’s better than a sweet potato pie, you ask? Seeing a few of your favorite stars go head to head to make one, that’s what. 


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