20 Best Foods For Hair Growth


No hair growth pills or complicated routines necessary! 

Bukky Ojeifo Mar, 31, 2017

Ah, the sweet smell of spring is here and it’s no secret that this season bears some of the best fruits and veggies for us to indulge in!

These seasonal favorites not only taste amazing, but cost less and also have major hair health benefits for your strands and scalp. 

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Wondering how each of these items listed measure up for your hair goals? From the more popular picks (strawberries, pineapples) to lesser known strand savers (swiss chard?!) , check out each one and its benefit below! and their benefits below!


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With regular consumption, apricots promote sebum production on our scalps, which helps keep it moisturized and conditioned. You can also use apricot kernel oil to help relieve an itchy scalp.

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These contain antioxidants compounds that help the body protect itself from harmful free radical agents. This includes UV rays (the sun) which can damage the melanin and protein in our hair follicles. Incorporating artichokes can help slow the aging/damaging process by blocking those harmful agents.


Asparagus is rich in calcium and vitamin A & C. It also helps strengthen your hair strands!

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Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and support hair growth by improving circulation in the body and scalp.

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Did you know that broccoli has protein in it? Well, it does and incorporating protein in our diet helps support healthy hair growth!

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Cantaloupe contains inositol, which is a form of Vitamin B required to control hair loss and support growth.

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Another fruit that's rich in antioxidants and supports hair growth!

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Cauliflower carries a lot of hair health benefits, specifically through beta-carotene. A deficiency in beta-carotene can lead to hair breakage and thinning hair, so eating cauliflower will encourage regrowth in thin areas of the scalp.

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This fruit carries a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants that can support the removal of toxins in the body.

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Leeks contain iron and manganese that help improve hair growth.

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Comprised of 80% water and restorative properties, mangoes are a winning recipe for moisture!

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Mushrooms are a great source of fiber and vitamin D!

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Okra can reduce inflammation of scalp conditions such as dandruff and itchiness.

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Packed with vitamins A and C, peaches are excellent for providing moisture to skin and hair.

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Pineapples are loaded with vitamin C and help your body renew and repair tissues. 

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Consuming radishes boosts the metabolism process and supports internal functions in performing better.

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Another powerful antioxidant that supports our immune system and protects hair!

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As one of the best food sources of biotin, swiss chard can help your hair and nails grow at an accelerated rate.

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Moisture! Moisture! Moisture! Comprised of 92% water, watermelons are an excellent source of water content that help to hydrate the body.

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Zucchini is imperative for promoting and maintaining healthy collagen in the connective tissue around the hair follicle. It also helps provide moisture and a natural glow to skin and hair!