People Can’t Believe This Is Dwyane Wade’s Dad: 7 Photos Of Father And Son

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are enjoying the ultimate end of summer getaway, living (and dressing) well on a yacht all over Italy. It’s a part of their annual #WadeWorldTour where the couple enjoys the fruits of their labor in luxurious fashion.

The star pair invited their family along for the fun, including their parents. Wade shared a photo in his InstaStories of his mom, Jolinda, and dad, Dwyane Wade, Sr. hanging out with him. The two divorced when he was young, but according to him, they have remained close. When the junior Dwyane shared a photo of his parents, including one with just him and “my pops,” people couldn’t believe that they were looking at the 39-year-old’s father. And by people, I mean women.


Many commented on how youthful his father looks, as well as how handsome he is.

“Still looking for his dad bc there’s no way, that’s Dwayne Dad,” said one commenter. “Tell yo daddy I said hi!” said another.


But Papa Wade didn’t come alone for the #WadeWorldTour. He actually attended with his wife Danielle as the two celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

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All the fuss over the senior Wade is interesting considering he has been in the public eye alongside his son for many years. But hey, a good beard, a nice haircut and the right ensemble will certainly make you a head-turner these days.

Bobby Metelus/Getty Images


Check out more images of Dwyane Wade Sr. and Dwyane Wade Jr. together from over the years (as well as an image of the lovely Danielle Wade, too).