19 Mini Resolutions To Try In 2017 (They're Totally Doable, Promise!)

New Year's resolutions don't have to be big to be mighty. Small changes can yield big mind, body and spirit transformations. Ready to tackle 2017 with a "new year, new me" attitude? Try these mini resolutions!

Lauren Porter Dec, 29, 2016

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Candles have healing properties, so light them up! Go to your local store and stock up on some of your favorite scents and store them in various rooms around your home. When you're feeling down, fill your space with smells that bring you peace.

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Put that remote down more often. Save your days in front of the TV for one night a week, like Thursdays, and spending more time away from the tube gives you more time to do the other things you love.

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Want another slice of pizza? Craving another scoop of ice cream? Girl, treat yo' self! Have a guilt-free day where you enjoy the eats that make you happy. Just promise not to do it excessively! Draw the line, and your waist line will be just fine.

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Sometimes you just need five minutes, so take them! Whether you're at work, out and about, or at home with the kids, find a quiet corner and take a few deep breaths just for you. The quiet time with your mind is just what you need to protect it.

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Never turn down the chance to stop and take a solo dance break! Turn on your favorite feel good song, blast it, scream those lyrics and dance your little heart out. Bop around your living room while dinner is cooking, while the laundry is drying or while drawing a bath. Get those endorphins up and get your body moving.

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Are those pesky inbox notifications driving you absolutely insane? Clean it out already! Delete all your spam emails and rid your box of all the newsletters and subscription notes that you never open. Commit to saying "yes" to unsubscribing and being digital clutter-free in 2017!

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Call it quits after one cup of coffee and grab a glass of water instead. Are you getting your recommended eight cups a day? If not, there's no better time than now. Your skin, waistline and energy levels will thank you.

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Log out of your accounts for one whole week and watch what happens. Rid your days of endless feed scrolling and pointless little arguments with family and friends. Those adorable baby announcements will be waiting when you return. Just wait until you see how good it feels.

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Go a week without sugar. Then turn one week into two, two into three and three into four! It only takes 21 days to kick a habit so give it your best shot!

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Coming home after a long day to a made bed could make your evenings that much better. Sure it takes a few minutes out of your morning but it'll make each night that much sweeter.

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Sure, sending a text message is quick, easy and convenient but when was the last time you actually heard a loved ones voice? In 2017, make a vow to make more phone calls to the people you care about. It can be 5 minutes or a whole hour but the time talking will be so amazing.

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Take a cue from Shonda Rhimes and have your own year of yes. Shake your head in affirmation to doing the things that scare you. Always thought about going skydiving, say "yes!" Want to take a spin class, say "yes!" Want to ask a man out, say "yes!" Make this year all about not holding back.

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Doing something all your own is magically fulfilling. Want to add some color to your living room? Think knitting a blanket is a great idea? Do. It. Yourself. Sis.

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There comes a time when it's perfect to draw the line. Say no to the tedious things in your life that no longer bring you joy. Cut out the toxic and proceed to twirl on your haters.

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Set aside $5 each week and by the end of the year your coins shall be abundant and blessed. Skip out on spending money on lunch and transfer those funds in your savings account instead. Cook your own breakfast and do the same thing. The little things will help grow your funds and it'll totally be worth it.


Wake up on Saturday morning and head out to your local garden. Shop for your favorite flowers or a random assortment each week and see how improving your green thumb can improve your piece of mind.

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Head out to a little coffee shop but instead of taking your tablet or laptop, take a book instead. Sit and get lost in a good read for hours on end while sipping some hot tea and the satisfaction you find will be unmatched.

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Grab a pint or a bite with some of your favorite people and make just one rule--no phones allowed. Enjoy the digital-less time to make more memories that could never be captured on camera.

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Hit the trail with a walk in mind. It doesn't have to be far. It doesn't even have to be long but get moving and your body will thank you!