Day Hotels Make Bathing in Airport Bathrooms Obsolete
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There’s a new travel tool that changing the way people travel. If you’re a strictly direct flight kind of girl, then this may not apply to you, but for the frugal traveler, who isn’t opposed to the occasional lay over—or two— Hotels By Day may be your saving grace. If you rank airports by the quality of their bathrooms because you generally turn the handicapped stall into your personal shower and powder room, then checking into a hotel for a little R&R in between long layovers may be exactly what you need. While you won’t find luxury hotels like the W on the roster, all hotels listed (Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, etc.) have at least a 3-star rating and offer you all of the amenities of a regular guest for the duration of your stay—think: pool, gym, room service, and those incredibly plush robes. So that jet-lagged 4-hour layover you have in Shanghai on your way to Bangkok could be put to good use. Ditch the airport bathroom sessions and trade them in for a nap on 2-ply threaded sheets and a real shower. Your body will thank you; especially after a sleepless 15-hour flight in economy.

Available internationally as well as in five US cities: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles, Hotels by Day allows you to book a hotel room for a few hours during the day at a discounted rate. 

For more information visit Hotels By Day or download the App available for iOS and Android

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