There’s A New Dating App For The 20 Million Single Parents In The U.S.

Single parenting has unique challenges, so dating other single parents who get it can make the process smoother. In honor of National Single Parent Day, Match launched an app called Stir so all the solo parents out there looking for love can link up. 

“Having kids shouldn’t be a dealbreaker when dating,” said Dinh Thi Bui, Vice President of New Verticals at Match. “We’re dedicated to giving single parents a dating experience where they are celebrated and feel like they can be themselves. With that, our hope is that they can truly focus on having a personal life beyond just navigating parenthood.”

There are 20 million single parents in the U.S. and if you’re one of them, you know scheduling time for anything leisure can be tedious. Matter of fact, one in four single parents (27%) say coordinating schedules often prevents them from going on dates. The Stir app, however, has a feature called “Stir Time,” which is a scheduling feature where you can coordinate calendars and display your “me time.”


Stir also gathered some data from 1,494 single parents to find out what they are looking for in the dating world. This may be helpful to you whether you’re a novice to dating or a vet. 

In terms of top qualities single parents value, financial stability was the most sought after with 64% of respondents prioritizing it. Next up was emotional maturity at 52%. And contrary to what people may assume, those questioned say they aren’t looking for someone to help raise their child as only seven percent noted a willingness to be a stepparent as a deal breaker. 

Aside from financial stability and emotional maturity, what else are single parents looking for? 

Apparently, 49% are looking for laughter and playfulness, which isn’t a shock considering how stressful single parenting can be. 

Stir members also answered a question about what some indicators of a successful first date are. Thirty-eight percent of parents said meaningful conversation and 34% said a lack of awkward silence. 

On that note, if you’ll be joining the Stir app, pull out your funniest mom/dad jokes, brush up those conversation skills, and get ready to shoot your best shot. Happy dating!