‘I Didn’t Know Anything About It’: LisaRaye Says She Was Left In The Dark — Again — About Da Brat’s Baby News
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

LisaRaye found out about sister Da Brat and her partner Jesseca Dupart’s baby news with the rest of the Internet, and she admittedly feels “a certain kind of way about it.”

During an interview with the TMZ podcast, It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper, she was asked about her sister’s recent announcement and how she felt about it, to which she replied, “Wonderful.”

When asked if she knew the gender, the actress kept it short, saying “no” until she finally made it clear that she didn’t receive a call ahead of the announcement post on Instagram.

“I found out through social media,” she told Harper. “This takes me back. This takes me back. Because I’m sure you have heard of the last kind of encounter that we had that went viral.”

LisaRaye was speaking of the time she was surprised on her birthday by her sister on Cocktails With Queens and had a less than warm, expletive-dropping reaction to it. They hadn’t been speaking at that time after she found out about Da Brat and Dupart going public with their relationship online.

“There was a whole life that was going on on social media that I really didn’t know nothin’ about,” she said to Harper. “I just felt slighted. What I thought was anger was really hurt.”

For the actress and TV personality, her hope is only that she would be able to “marvel” in the happiness of her sister — not feel like she is the last to know. But this latest news just brings back those past feelings of being left out.

“I did see the reveal of them expecting and expanding their family and I didn’t know anything about it as well,” she said.

“I do realize that when people grow up…when you have a relationship…even the Bible tells you, when a man findeth a woman he findeth a good thing,” she continued. “Even in this situation, when you find a partner, you find a good thing. You’re supposed to cling to that partner. I get that. But it’s supposed to be a bonus. It’s supposed to be an add-on, not a subtraction. It should be an inclusive situation.”

LisaRaye and Da Brat don’t live near one another, but she said that she’s not hard to get a hold of.

“I’m a phone call away. So yes, to answer your question, I do feel a certain kind of way about it,” she said. “It’s a reality check of well, wow.”

Da Brat and Dupart announced they were expanding their family in January. They’re getting married on Feb. 22. And ahead of the big day, Da Brat proposed to Dupart — as the Kaleidoscope founder was the one who initially popped the question.


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