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Cynthia Bailey's Daughter Debunks Myth That Her Mom Funds Her Lifestyle: 'I Make Over Six Figures On My Own'

Noelle says, "Please don't think that my life is being paid for because I can assure you it's not."
Cynthia Bailey’s Daughter Debunks Myth That Her Mom Funds Her Lifestyle: ‘I Make Over Six Figures On My Own’
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Noelle Robinson is telling her truth, setting the record straight on rumors about her life.

The 21-year-old made a YouTube video on her page, attempting to clear the air in regards to assumptions people have about her. The lengthy clip tackled everything from her time living with her mom’s husband, Mike Hill, the idea that she’s “stuck up,” a whole pregnancy rumor (she’s not), presumptions about her sexuality and more.

One thing she said she constantly hears that she especially wanted to address is the idea that her mom, Cynthia Bailey, and/or her dad, Leon Robinson, pay her way and that all of the opportunities she gets are because of her famous parents. While she acknowledged the benefits of being their daughter, she said it’s been her hard work that’s propelled her.

“Y’all hit me with this a lot. Anytime I get something or move or anything you guys assume my parents, my mom or my dad or both of them are paying for it,” she said. “I have no problem saying if my parents are paying for things because there’s nothing wrong with your parents supporting you, but it’s just not accurate. I just want to go ahead and clear it up. When I do get things and continue to get things that I actually work hard for, my accomplishments are diminished because it’s like, ‘Oh she just got that because of x, y and z’ and it’s just really not the case.”

Noelle, who has become an influencer and YouTube personality since leaving Howard University, said she actually makes good money through her work. She said she’s making enough money, a lot of money actually, to sustain herself and to pay for all the things she wants and needs to do.

“Just as far as like my influencing and me also being a YouTuber, I don’t like to talk money about things because I just don’t want to come on here and be like, ‘oh I make x, y and z,’ but I feel the need to just go ahead and say something so you guys understand,” she says. “I always get, ‘oh yeah, her mom is probably paying her rent.’ That’s not true because it wouldn’t even make sense. So I am going to talk numbers for you guys today. My influencing and my YouTubing in conjunction is over six figures. I make over six figures on my own. I’ve shot multiple campaigns this year that paid extremely well as I’ve shot some other campaigns last year. Everything that I do pays me extremely well.”

She said her time on RHOA has helped her brand, noting that “I do think it’s 50/50. It definitely helps that people already knew who I was from the show and from my parents and I’m super grateful that I have parents that open up doors for me, but it’s also my responsibility to walk through them and do the work to make sure I’m branding myself to get the interest of these big campaigns.”

These campaigns, she says, allow her to pay her rent with no problem, and so do the promotional posts that make up her Instagram page of over 460,000 followers. “I can do at least two or three posts and cover my rent. It’s not a problem at all,” she said. “So please don’t think that my life is being paid for because I can assure you it’s not.”

Noelle maintains that until she started putting in the effort to put out content and brand herself, it didn’t matter who her parents were — the deals weren’t coming. Once she got focused and stayed consistent, doors opened and money started coming in. Now she’s taking care of herself fully, and even covering getaways to Jamaica with her mom. So the idea that she’s a kept celebrity kid is false. According to her, Cynthia and Leon would never allow it anyway.

“Both of my parents are extremely hard workers and they’ve also instilled that in me and they’re not going to sit around and allow me to do nothing,” she said with a laugh. “They’re just not. I don’t have parents like that.”