Actor Clifton Powell Speaks On His Son Dating Sasha Obama And The Advice He Gives Him To Treat Her Right
Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET

Sasha Obama has a boyfriend and it’s actor Clifton Powell’s son, 25-year-old Clifton Powell Jr. The senior Powell is now opening up about his son’s high-profile relationship.

During an interview with the Dear Fathers podcast, he shared that the couple have passed the one-year-mark and discussed the advice he gives his son on how to treat the youngest Obama. 

“That’s amazing, ’cause you know that they’ve been going out for about a year, and it just hit the press, right?” Powell shared. “So, it has helped me talk to [him] about how to handle Sasha Obama because we love the Obamas, but Mr. Obama has a daughter that’s dating my son, and I have an opportunity and a responsibility, to make my son responsible, gentle, kind, loving, and supportive. The things that I did not get taught.”

We all watched the 21-year-old former first daughter go from a young kid living in the White House to a college student now living her best life on the west coast. And those who caught Michelle Obama’s interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show in April may recall the First Lady mentioning that both Sasha and her sister Malia are in relationships and living their own lives now.

That being said, it’s encouraging that Powell is guiding his son and teaching him how a lady should be treated even as an adult. This is something we certainly need more of dads!

Powell’s gems didn’t stop with the talk he mentioned above.

“I text him all the time, and I say, ‘Treat Sasha like you would want somebody to treat your daughter.'”