Russell Wilson Surprised Ciara With A Romantic Getaway To Venice For Their Five-Year Anniversary
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Ciara and Russell Wilson are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary today (July 6) and what better way to do it than living it up in Italy?

The celeb power couple jetted off to Venice to take in the the sights and sounds of the northern city. It all happened, according to Ci Ci, after Russell told her “Pack your bags….We’re going to Italy.” They enjoyed fine Italian dining (including a variety of delicious pastas), did some shopping for souvenirs (parasol shopping for Sienna), rode in a gondola where an accordion player and singer serenaded them, and stopped at a glassmaker’s shop to get a heart made to commemorate their anniversary.

As there are no roads, only canals and footpaths, they took a luxurious boat everywhere and dressed to the nines (including Russell in his Good Man Brand brand, made in Italy) for just about every outing. The latter choice made sense as photogs were following them across the city and they also had their own personal photographer in tow throughout the trip.

What a dreamy romantic getaway for the couple. Venice never disappoints!

In a recent interview with ESSENCE, Ciara talked about the excitement of approaching five years with Russell and how she’s grateful for the time she spent uplifting herself before he entered her life.

“I really think if I didn’t take the time to redirect my thoughts and really be intentional with myself and really focus on loving me—I honestly thought I was going to be single way longer than I was and God had other plans. I like those plans, but there’s something really sweet to that moment when you’re by yourself, too,” she says. “I was a single mom before Russ came into my life and I know that’s a very vulnerable place, but it’s also a room for opportunity to really level up and really be the best that I could be for my son. Being the best I could be for myself allowed me to the be the best I could be for my son at that time. It also allowed me to be prepared when the love of my life came walking through that door.”

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And they’ve been living their best life together ever since. Case in point: this very extravagant anniversary vacation. Check out more images from their time in Venice as they celebrated their fifth year of marriage and many more years to come.


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