How To Be A Layaway Angel and Pay It Forward During The Holiday Season

Lauren Porter Dec, 13, 2017

In 2011, Pay Away the Layaway, Inc. created an awareness non-profit for “Layaway Angels” to raise money and donate to assist families in paying for their children’s gifts and other essentials during the holidays.

If you donate to the company directly, they will only use the funds to help pay off layaway balances that include gifts for kids, like books, backpacks, toys, games, blankets, clothes and coats.

Because hardships often hit hardest during the holidays, pay it forward this Christmas season and help out a family anonymously by visiting a layaway counter at one of their retail locations and offering to pay off someone’s layaway order. You can specifically ask for one that includes kids toys and items.

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You can try making a payment on the layaway program at Burlington, where families often put warm coats on hold for their kids.

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Every child deserves a new toy underneath the Christmas tree just as every baby needs the necessities of life. Making a donation to the Toys R Us and Babies R Us layaway program could make the holidays a little bit brighter for a family. The layaway program at Toys R Us excludes special orders, food, formula and clothing.

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If you want to help someone pay off their child's toy wishlist. Kmart is a great place to start. Donations accepted to Kmart's in-store and online layaway program isn't applicable to flammable products, magazines, prescriptions, cigarettes, photos or food but payments will be appreciated nonetheless. 

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Layaway at Walmart is available for electronics, toys, select sporting goods, small appliances and jewelry.