There’s no handbook for raising two little ones, but for LoveBrownSugar creator Christina Brown, time-honored life lessons passed down from her mother are a great guide to being a devoted parent. “Growing up, one of our family traditions was family talk while prepping for dinner,” says Brown. “This was something I looked forward to doing every night.” 

Similar intimate bonding time has now become an unforgettable shared experience for Brown and her kids, daughter Cadence and son Colton, who help set the table as she cleans the kitchen in preparation for nightly meals. Ahead of beginning dinner, Brown trusts products like Clorox Clean-up Cleaner + Bleach to clean an disinfect her kitchen counters. This provides Brown with peace of mind of a clean home so she can focus on having intentional conversations with her young loved ones over dinner. “I want my children to grow up knowing I’m here for them, just like my parents were there for me.” 

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