The 12 Best Gifts For The Cancer Zodiac In Your Life

Go Cancers, it's your birthday. Here are 12 fabulous gifts a Cancer will thank you for.

Lauren Porter Jun, 22, 2017

1 of 12 Amazon

The Cancer zodiac loves the fancier things in life and these French Press will bring them delight right in a cup!

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2 of 12 Etsy

Cancers love art and water colors. This print is the perfect combo of the two!

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3 of 12 Etsy

This zodiac loves being at home, comfy and warm. With this chunky knit blanket, they'll get the comfort they crave all the time!

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4 of 12 Barnes And Noble

Creativity keeps cancers going and this journal will help document all their artistic thoughts!

available at Barnes & Noble $9.95 Buy Now!

5 of 12 Nordstrom

July-born cancers will love this gift which includes their birthstone--a gorgeous ruby!

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6 of 12 Anthropologie

Burning this candle will give the Cancer sign some much needed and deserved peace!

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7 of 12 Target

Highly loyal and tenacious, this elephant home decor item will be just want the Cancer sign needs.

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8 of 12 West Elm

Known for it's crabbiness, the cancer will love this canister that is the perfect ode to their snappy personality!

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9 of 12 Kate Spade

Every Cancer needs to keep their important cards in one place. This gift is perfect!

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10 of 12 Society6

Give the Cancer zodiac something to rest easy on. They'll love it!

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11 of 12 Macy's

When the zodiac sign isn't curled up at home, they are certainly on the move. Help them out with this adorable passport case!

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12 of 12 Amazon

Known for their love of water, the Cancer will appreciate this gift more than you know. 

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