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Mike Epps And Wife Kyra Announce New HGTV Series ‘Buying Back The Block’

The comedian and his wife, a TV producer, are joining forces to create a home improvement show focused on investing in real estate in your hometown.
Mike Epps And Wife Kyra Announce New HGTV Series ‘Buying Back The Block’
Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

Two things Mike and Kyra Epps know well are TV and the art of flipping old homes. They’re putting the two together for a new HGTV series premiering in Spring 2023.

“We’ve been fixing houses the last two summers. Now excited to say this time around its going to be on @hgtv wow wow wow!” Kyra wrote. “Our show- ‘Buying Back the Block’ coming Spring 23.’”

This new project isn’t off-brand for Mike as he’s been vocal about his views on the importance of “buying back the block,” or purchasing property in one’s hometown and in communities of color, in general, to prevent gentrification. In 2020, he wrote an Instagram post announcing that he fixed up property in Indiana, where he grew up.

“A lot of people claim a Hood, a city or a block but don’t own it,” the 51-year-old Epps wrote. “This is my block in Indiana the before and after with family and friends in the homes.”

He continued, “they movin us out of our community’s [sic] at a rapid pace,” before noting that the neighborhood used to be rough when he was young, a place where he lost “many friends” to violence and drugs. But he was able to help improve it through buying and renovating homes.

“I tell all the youngsters to invest in real estate it will take care of you !!!!” he added.

As for the couple, Mike and Kyra met in 2017 and jumped the broom in Newport Beach, Calif. in 2019. The Epps recently welcomed a baby boy named Mike Jr. in October 2021 and had their daughter, Indiana Rose, in March 2020. That makes Epps a dad of six, as he has four daughters from previous relationships — Madison, Moriah, Makayla, and Bria.

Who else is excited to see the Epps show the world how they do home improvement? Mike certainly can’t wait!